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MessageSujet: HHHHIIII All, Great News, TTTTHHHEE DBA BOWLLLL   Mer 27 Mai 2015, 23:05

DBA Bowl
Team = 11 players (Max 1 Big Guy).
Play to a time limit or the best of 3 touchdowns.

Set up
First play, dice for possession.
After a touchdown, the non-scoring team has possession.
Team with possession sets up first.  At least 6 players must be on scrimmage line.  Max 2 players in each wide zone.
Defending team now sets up.  At least 6 players must be 2 squares from the scrimmage line.  Max 2 players in each wide zone.
Defending team moves first.

Turn Sequence
Each player takes turns going through the turn sequence.
• Roll for PIPs
• Spend PIPs to move standing players
• Spend PIPs to allow Downed players to stand
• Remove any players belonging to moving team who are still Down.  They return after a touchdown has been scored and the board is reset
• Place a die next to each moving player who will be a Primary Tackler this turn
• Resolve tackles in the order chosen by the moving player
• Pass the ball if desired
Player Statistics

Player Type Tackle Factor Ball Handling Move/ Exploit Special Tackle Outcomes
Thrower 2 2 3/2
Line Man 3 3 2/2
Blitzer 4 4 3/2 QD by Thrower or Big Guy
Blocker 5 4 2/1 QD by Blitzer, Big Guy
Big Guy 6 5 2/0 QD by Thrower or Blitzer
Nutter Both players use a TF of 0 NA D6*/D6 Loser is Down. Nutters are removed from the field once Downed. Return next play.
Bomber 1 for player
Roll off for bombs 2 2 or shoot/0 Throw bomb using Pass rules.
Player in or adjacent to target square can try to catch the bomb and re-throw it.
A bomb that hits the ground explodes, attacking all within 1 square.

*Declare route before rolling, then move as far as possible.
Moving team rolls PIP die.
Spend PIPs to move players.
1 PIP per move by single player or a line of players moving directly up the pitch.
1 PIP for a single downed player to stand.  Any downed players who do not have PIPs spent on them are injured and removed from the pitch until the next play.
+1 PIP if moving or standing a Big Guy.
Players can move twice in a turn if the extra PIPs are spent on moving them.

Players can only move as the result of a tackle or if PIPs are spent to move them.
The maximum move allowed to a player is equal to his Movement is squares.

Tackle and Interference Zones
Opposing players are surrounded by Tackle Zones (TZs) and Interference Zones (IZs).

A moving player must stop on entering one of these squares.
If a player begins his move in one of these the move is limited to a single square.  Extra PIPs may be spent to give this player an extra move.
Players who are in each other’s TZs must tackle each other or help another tackler.
Players who are in each other’s’ IZs can help another tackler.

Each Tackle consists of a Primary tackler, his target, plus other players who exert TZs or IZs on these players.
To exert a TZ or IZ on an opposing player, the player must not itself be subject to the TZ of another opposing player at the time the tackle is resolved.
Each player rolls a d6 and adds their Tackle Factor and then subtracts the number of additional players (max 3) currently exerting a TZ or IZ on them.
Compare the results – the lower scorer is the loser of the tackle.  Ties result in a standoff.

Losers Stumble.  Winners can make an Exploit move.  Players who’s score is doubled or are subject to a QD result from the opposing player are Down.
Stumble = move 1 square (opponent chooses).  The stumble move must be into an empty square if possible.  If this is not possible, the stumbling player is Down in his current square instead.
Exploit = move Exploit distance in any direction, subject to normal TZ and IZ restrictions.
Down = Stumble and then fall down.  If the player is carrying the ball, it is dropped into a square adjacent to where he falls down, opponent’s choice.

Roll Ball Handling+Range Modifier or more.
Quick Pass = 0
Short Pass = +1
Long Pass = +2
Long Bomb = +3
Fail – ball lands up to Range Modifier (Minimum 1) in squares from target square, opponent’s choice.

Catching/Picking up the ball
A player in the square that the ball lands in attempts to catch it.
Roll Ball Handling or more to catch.
Fail – ball lands in any square within 1-2 of the catcher, opponent’s choice.  If there is a player in this square, he may attempt to catch it.
If the ball is laying on the ground, a moving player can move through the square holding the ball and attempt to pick it up.
Roll Ball Handling or more to pick it up.  Treat a failure as the same as a failed catch.

Example Teams (i.e. what I own!)
Catcher x 3, Blitzer x 2, Lineman x 6.
Blocker x 2, Blitzer x 2, Catcher x 2, Lineman x 5.
Orc and Gobbo
Big Guy x 1, Blocker x 2, Blitzer x 2, Nutter x 1, Catcher x 3, Lineman x 2.
Blocker x 6, Catcher x 5.
Catcher x 2, Blitzer x 3, Blocker x 6.
Big Guy x 1, Blitzer x 1, Catcher x 9

Possible new player type
Player Type Tackle Factor Ball Handling Move/ Exploit Special Tackle Outcomes
Celebrity Star Player 6 2 3/3 Knocks down all types of opponent if he wins a tackle.  

A single Celebrity Star Player can be used in any team that can justify having one, except that perhaps all Elves should be treated as such  
The Celebrity Star Player is the most famous and important member of his team.  He is puffed up, self-important, and totally fickle.  He will play when he wants to and leave if he feels that something is not quite right, whether it is an old injury, the number of blue M&Ms he was given before the match, etc.
The Celebrity Star is not placed on the pitch at the start of the game, but is kept off pitch until his team rolls 6 PIPs.  He can be placed anywhere along either side of the pitch, ready to move.
Once on the pitch, the Celebrity Star Player is subject to the following rules:
• During his team’s movement phase, if he is not already in the TZ of an opposing player, he MUST be the first player to move, even if this means there are not enough PIPs to stand all Downed players.
• The ball must be passed to him (or at least thrown in his direction) at the earliest opportunity.
• He does not benefit from the assistance of other players when tackling, and will not assist colleagues when they tackle.
• If any die that is thrown for him (to tackle, throw, catch, etc) scores a 1, he feigns injury/has a tantrum and leaves the pitch until the next PIP die for his team scores a 6.
• If he scores a tie when tackling or being tackled, he will take a spectacular dive of up to 2 squares, landing in a vacant square of his own choice.
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