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 FAQ du group DBA3

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MessageSujet: FAQ du group DBA3   Dim 29 Mar 2015, 21:40

Frequently Asked Questions for DBA 3 v. Spring 15

1. Q: Some of the text for the diagrams seems incomplete or confusing. What is the correct text?
A: A few of the diagrams had some dropped text or mislabeling.

Diagram 1a. The first sentence of the 3rd paragraph should read, “Some troop types, Cavalry, Camelry, Light
Horse, Auxilia, Mounted Infantry, or Psiloi, can also deploy in the shaded area.”

Diagram 1b. The last sentence of the 2nd paragraph should read… “All other area terrain features must not
exceed a length to width ration of 2:1.”

Diagram 7b. The second sentence of the last paragraph should read the following, “The options for Spear B are
to halt, to slide sideways to line up with Blade Y, or to move straight backwards without any deviations up to its
full tactical move.”

Diagram 15b. The second sentence under “Third Party shooting:” should read, “If Bow A is still able to shoot
after this has been resolved, Bow A may shoot at its original target.”

Diagram 19a. The second to the last paragraph should read, “Knight D has chosen to recoil its base depth.” The
last paragraph should read, “Knight E has recoiled 1 Base Width which is the maximum distance for mounted

2. Q: The Threat zone section gives as option (b), “to advance into or towards contact with such an enemy”. Can I
move into corner to corner contact instead of frontal contact?
A: In most cases, no. Moving into overlap is NOT a valid move under the TZ restrictions, unless part of a group
that is also in the TZ, and sliding to conform. See diagram 7b for a demonstration of movement options. See
diagram 13b for an example of where a move to corner to corner contact is allowed.

3. Q: CPs, Lits, CWg, Art and WWgs are prevented from moving into contact with the enemy. Can they move into
corner to corner contact (overlap) with the enemy?
A: No.

4. Q: Can a group wheel multiple times during a move?
A: Yes. Any movement by the group is counted against the entire group.

5. Q: I have 2 elements in a column. The lead element is destroyed. Is the second destroyed as well?
A: No. The rear element is not destroyed unless that element has an enemy front edge in flank or rear contact
with itself.

6. Q: Is a camp that has been captured and sacked removed from the board?
A: Optional. The camp now functions only as good going if a standard camp or as bad going if an Edifice.

7. Q: Forts are mentioned as having a gate. Do elements have to enter and leave through this gate?
A: In most cases, yes. The Fort has a gate through which all elements entering or leaving must pass unless those
elements are enemy assaulting it.

8. Q: The interpenetration rules for a Psiloi state that “(a) it starts at least partly directly in front and ends the
move lined-up behind”. Does the lined-up behind mean the Psiloi must be behind a single specific element or
can it line up behind a group of elements in a line and merely parallel? How is the move measured and what
happens element doesn’t have the movement available?
A: It must end behind and lined up to a single specific stand. No, the move is not free. If the element doesn’t
have the movement, it does not interpenetrate. The move may be measured diagonally.

9. Elephant Recoil:
Q: Does an elephant that is contacted both to the front and also to the flank or rear by enemy front edges
(“flanked” or “reared”), recoil and destroy the elements behind it?
A: No. Elephants that receive a recoil result with enemy in front edge contact to both their front and to their
flank or rear are destroyed instead of recoiling. This is the same as all other elements.

Q: If my Elephants receive a recoil result and aren’t “flanked” or “reared” do they meet and destroy all elements
in their recoil path?
A: In most cases, yes. Elements in BUA and Camps are exceptions to this. Elements in these terrain features
usually aren’t destroyed unless they are other Elephants.

Q: Are Elephants that meet Elephants during a recoil move in all cases destroyed?
A: Yes. They do not finish their recoil. They also destroy the Elephants met.

Q: If my Elephants start their recoil with their rear in contact with a City, Fort, or camp are they destroyed?
A: Yes.

Q: If my Elephants contact a City, Fort, or camp during a recoil move (the elephant has space to start the recoil),
what happens?
A: They end their movement.

Q: What happens if my recoiling Elephants contact elements in a Hamlet or Edifice?
A: Elephants that recoil into Elephants in a Hamlet or Edifice destroy them (and are destroyed) as outlined
above. Other elements are usually not destroyed. They are pushed back or block recoil per standard recoil rules.

Q: The rules say that Elephants destroy elements “met”. Does this mean elements they just touch?
A: No. The Elephant has to actually enter the area occupied by another to destroy it. Touching doesn’t count as
“meeting” in this case.
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MessageSujet: Re: FAQ du group DBA3   Lun 30 Mar 2015, 07:02

Merci, pour toutes ces clarifications, en Español cela aurai été mieux. 😁
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MessageSujet: Re: FAQ du group DBA3   Lun 30 Mar 2015, 13:22

Thanks Frudius.

Beaucoup de questions sur les éléphants ! Smile

Le point 5 est clarifié et très important.

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MessageSujet: Re: FAQ du group DBA3   

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FAQ du group DBA3
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